On 11/28/2012 05:58 PM, Jeff McCune wrote:

I'm really sorry to step in on this one but our ruby should fully
support gems installed using the gem command. I understand it's not
ideal and that RPM's are definitely preferable. I encourage people to
use RPMs whenever possible in this situation. However, I'm deeply
concerned that we may be replacing the system ruby, which does support
gem install, with something that does not.

To this end, I'd like to clarify that if you run into this problem and
you're using gem install instead of yum, and we find out there's a bug
here, then this issue should also be resolved for you and your
deployment scenario. Please keep troubleshooting the issue even if
you're using gems and not RPMs.
Let me clarify myself - I don't even try to suggest that ruby provided
by puppetlabs for el5 does not support 'gem install', I'm only strongly
advising against it - no matter if it's RedHat's ruby package in
questions or PuppetLabs one. IMHO it's a really bad practice to mix
different packaging systems and that practice will byte you, sooner or

Jakov Sosic

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