Hi group,

I'm using capistrano to deploy my puppet manifests to the puppet master
Capistrano copies the new files on the server in a 'releases' directory and
after that just changes the 'current' symlink to the new version.
(/usr/share/puppet/configuration/current in my case)
This works very well so far.

Unfortunately the master seems to have problems with that symlink change
until I restart the puppetmaster daemon.
If I do not restart the master daemon the clients are getting error
messages complaining that the master does not provide any configuration:

err: Could not retrieve catalog from remote server: Error 400 on SERVER:
Could not find class example for server.example.domain

After manually restart of master daemon, everything works again.

Here are some of my master's config dirs:

puppet master --configprint libdir
puppet master --configprint confdir
puppet master --configprint modulepath

Anyone an idea what's going wrong here?


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