i was a bit rushed when writing this so i forgot a couple of things:

puppetmaster version:

puppet client version:
(Upgrading client version is on the todo-list)

Happy for any help/suggestions!


On 5 December 2012 17:25, Adam Winberg wrote:

We are working on moving our puppet code from old-school method of
importing standalone classes in site.pp to modules. I was hoping i could
move one class at a time and at the same time review syntax, coding,
subclasses and so forth for each class. So, i defined a modulepath in
puppet.conf and put a couple of classes there while still keeping the old
structure (minus the classes i put in modules of course).

That gets us to the problem - as soon as i start to use modules the time
to compile the catalog is increased drastically, from 2-5s to 10-15s. I
only see this when there are a lot of simultaneous puppet runs on the
puppetmaster, when running without other clients 'interferring' the
compilation time is still increased, but only reaches about 5-6s.

Is this a behaviour from running parallell modules and standalone classes
or is modules just a lot more work for the puppet master?
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