On Wednesday, December 5, 2012 9:50:32 AM UTC-6, Nuno Marques wrote:
Hi all,

Is it possible to use multiple ENCs?

Not directly, no.

I'm using an external node for puppet-dashboard, and I want to use
cobbler-ext-nodes also.
Will I need to parse both classifiers outputs and merge them? Does anyone
have a script hat already does this?
Yes, writing a master ENC that somehow combines the outputs of the other
two is the only solution that comes to mind. Do note that in the general
case, that is a decidedly non-trivial task. For example, what do you do if
your two ENCs emit conflicting or overlapping data for the same node? Or
how do you account for the fact that a variable or class's *absence* from
the ENC output can be as significant as its presence?

It may be that combining ENC outputs is not going to present any such
issues in your particular case, at least for now, but I recommend that you

As for an actual script to do the merging, a simple version ought to be
pretty easy in Ruby (which has a pre-built YAML parser available). Just
parse ENC1's output into hash1, parse ENC2's output into hash2, and format
hash1.update(hash2) as YAML for your final result.


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