On Friday, November 23, 2012 4:47:03 PM UTC-6, alaric wrote:
After cleaning up some gems on my puppet master [...]
That you are working with gems on your RHEL system makes me pretty
suspicious. I strongly discourage use of gem on systems such as RHEL that
have decent package managers with system-wide scope. I especially urge you
to avoid managing your Ruby library via a mix of yum/rpm and gem. Each of
those keeps its own, separate metadata and manages software independently,
so you can easily produce conflicts, incompatibilities, and breakage that
would never occur with either package manager alone.

I'm willing to cut some slack for gems that are packaged in RPM format and
managed via yum / rpm, but I'm not fond even of those.

I suggest you clean out *all* gems not managed via yum/rpm, then try an
"rpm --verify --all" (or clean out every single gem, and let package
verification fail on the ones managed by RPM). Perform a "yum reinstall"
on all packages that are not successfully verified.

You might also want to look for altogether unpackaged Ruby binaries and
modules. Something like this might do the trick, albeit slowly:

find /usr/lib{,64}/ruby -type f -exec rpm -q -f {} \; | grep "not owned"

If you're going to try that then do it after cleaning out everything you
are going to remove and before reinstalling anything; that will minimize
the number of files tested.



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