I'm interested in owning it. I started porting to Rails 3 last week and
have quite a few fixes to the create/update/query endpoints to return more
consistent YAML and JSON responses. At my organization we will continue to
use Puppet Dashboard until Puppet Labs' recommended replacement solution is


On Wednesday, October 10, 2012 10:02:35 AM UTC-7, Nigel Kersten wrote:

(This mail has been sent to puppet-users, but bcc’d to puppet-dev and
puppet-announce to try and keep the conversation in one place.)


* We are stopping investment in Dashboard
* Most Dashboard functionality will be replaced by two new open source
* Some Dashboard functionality will be replaced by a proprietary
* The Dashboard will continue to be open source and we're happy to help
people take over maintenance
* If we don't get a new maintainer, we will announce a date to EOL


If you’ve been following the development of Puppet Dashboard over the last
year or so, you’ve almost certainly noticed that it hasn’t been getting
much love from Puppet Labs.

We’ve been thinking about this for a while, and we’ve decided that we’re
not going to invest more in the Dashboard. It will get security patches and
some minor improvements over the next few months, but we’re treating it as
an evolutionary dead end.

We were planning to have some code ready for the replacement services
before making this announcement, but after questions at PuppetConf and
after the recent Dashboard update, we’ve realized that being transparent is
the right approach.

We’re generally moving the Puppet platform in a direction that is more
aligned with service-oriented-architecture, with standalone services for
specific functionality that own their own data. Monolithic apps like the
Dashboard that store a variety of data types don’t fit well into this world.

You’ve seen the first moves of this with PuppetDB, where we have a
standalone, open source service with great APIs that is dedicated to
catalog and fact storage.

The ENC functionality in the Dashboard will be replaced by an open source,
standalone service. The report storage and basic report viewing
functionality from Dashboard will become part of PuppetDB, and will be open
source, just as the rest of PuppetDB is. Work has recently started on both
of these projects. We will be working on data migration scripts from
Dashboard to these new services.

We will also be working on a new graphical application that provides an
interface to these services, but one more focused on workflows and advanced
use cases, and this application will be proprietary.

This is the model Puppet Labs is looking to follow from now on. Open
source services, with great APIs and simple GUIs just like PuppetDB, and
proprietary graphical applications that are more opinionated in terms of
workflows. We believe this is a simple line that brings a lot of clarity to
the difference between our open source and proprietary applications.

We’re still in the business of making Puppet a great open source platform,
and that’s not going to change. We will not be creating any secret APIs
that are just for use by Puppet Labs. We will be building our proprietary
apps on exactly the same APIs as everyone else has available to them.

We believe this keeps us honest in terms of keeping the open source
platform strong and functional, as well as Puppet Labs being fair and
equitable to the rest of the ecosystem compared to the applications we’re
building a sustainable company around.

We are not taking the Dashboard code base closed source. Even though it’s
never really attracted a development community around it in the same way
that Puppet and MCollective have, if there are people who are committed to
its existence, we’re more than happy to help people take on the maintenance

We do think that it ultimately will need to be completely rewritten to
take advantage of the new ENC and PuppetDB report storage, and it needs a
general update to a newer version of Rails, but just as with *any* other
open source application that builds upon our platform, we will help anyone
who wants to take this on.

We don’t have firm dates for when the replacement services will be ready,
but we expect their first releases to be out by the end of the year. Once
both of these are ready, and we have migration scripts for your data, we’ll
announce a complete end of life date for Dashboard unless we have
replacement maintainers.

Again, if you love Dashboard enough to want to maintain it, this is your

I encourage and expect public discussion about this topic, but if you wish
to convey your thoughts privately, you can always contact myself or Luke at:

Nigel, CTO
email/jabber: ni...@puppetlabs.com <javascript:>
IRC : nigelk

Luke, CEO
email: lu...@puppetlabs.com <javascript:>
phone: +1-615-594-8199.
IRC: lak


Nigel Kersten

Nigel Kersten | http://puppetlabs.com | @nigelkersten
Schedule Meetings at: http://tungle.me/nigelkersten
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