I've never used CFEngine and don't have input on those benchmarks other
than they seem silly. But, fwiw...

- scaling Puppet masters seems to be straighforward and well documented
(there are chapters in books on it)

- Performance in Puppet 3 is much better. Check out this presentation from
PuppetConf - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8h2PbdFi0OU

- The key bottleneck of a Puppet Master is cpu usage when compiling
catalogs. How long catalogs take to compile varies widely depending on your
usage. I currently manage over 600 Windows nodes on a single, small, ec2
instance (one core) that has no problem keeping up. Most of the nodes run
every 4 hours and we use splay settings to randomize the run intervals. We
also currently have very small catalogs for these nodes (unlike our Linux
server nodes handled by a separate master) that compile extremely fast.

- Puppet ships with a rarely mentioned load testing tool. Google this and
try it out. See how it will handle your volume. Eventually how big of a
server/cluster you need becomes a simple math problem.

- Also, really, how important is paying more for a bigger server to you
when considering usability/features/community/momentum/etc differences?


On Tuesday, October 9, 2012 6:56:55 PM UTC-5, Robjon wrote:

Hi guys,

I am pretty new to this space, playing around with a few tools.
I am trying to read up on how I would scale Puppet (or other tools) up in
my installation, and came across this blog post comparing Puppet and

The numbers presented here are pretty extreme: CFEngine agents running 166
times faster than Puppet agents in a small installation - and the
difference is increasing?
Also, it seems to be the case that Puppet is more centralized which
results in everything slowing down: "as the master gets more loaded, all
the Puppet agents run slower".

Is this correct? Could some of you with more experience please comment on

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