Hello OSX007,

You are on the right track, for sure. The goal of the params.pp is to set
default values for those things and allow you to override them in your own
manifests. It's definitely OK for you to edit params.pp directly if you
know for sure that the settings you've specified will always be the ones
that you want, but otherwise you should be able to override them in your
own manifests and pass them in without modifying the module's params.pp
directly. This would allow you to potentially use the module to manage
both 8.x and 9.x instances.

I'd love to put together a "test" manifest that illustrates how to do what
you're doing w/o modifying params.pp directly, and submit a pull request to
the module so that it will be easier for other folks to figure out how to
do it in the future. I'd also love to provide a single parameter like
"postgres_version" that you could just set to "9.1" and then add code to
the module that would switch all of those path variables to the correct
values for you. I hope to continue submitting pull requests with features
like that over time, but if you have any such submissions you'd like to
make yourself, I'm sure they'd be welcomed!
On Wednesday, August 29, 2012 12:15:13 AM UTC-7, OXS007 wrote:

I think i figured it out in the Postgresql module edit the params.pp so
that it looks like this;

case $::osfamily {

'RedHat': {

$service_name = 'postgresql-9.1'

$client_package_name = 'postgresql91'

$server_package_name = 'postgresql91-server'

$needs_initdb = true

$initdb_path = '/usr/pgsql-9.1/bin/initdb'

$createdb_path = '/usr/pgsql-9.1/bin/createdb'

$psql_path = '/usr/pgsql-9.1/bin/psql'

$datadir = '/var/lib/pgsql/9.1/data/'

$pg_hba_conf_path = '/var/lib/pgsql/9.1/data/pg_hba.conf'

$postgresql_conf_path = '/var/lib/pgsql/9.1/data/postgresql.conf'

$firewall_supported = true

$persist_firewall_command = '/sbin/iptables-save >

Op woensdag 29 augustus 2012 02:14:54 UTC-4 schreef OXS007 het volgende:

When running the Postgresql module the database installed by default is
8.4 what we need is 9.1 where do i define the version to be installed by

If i edit the params,pp like;

$client_package_name = 'postgresql91'
$server_package_name = 'postgresql91'

The 9.1 is being installed but i get some errors like these;

Execution of '/sbin/service postgresql start' returned 1

Thanks in forward for you help.
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