FIrst, sorry for not sending a patch file. I did not save the original init.d scripts before I hacked it.
I also had the same issues on debian. Here's what I did to resolve it:

1) add "-s INT" to the stop and stop portion of the restart functions. The default is to send a term signal, but you need to send kill or int signal to get it to go away.

log_daemon_msg "Stopping Puppet Dashboard"
if start-stop-daemon --stop -s INT --quiet --oknodo --pidfile ${PIDFILE} --user ${DASHBOARD_USER} --retry 10; then

2) Remove the & in the start script and replace with -d. This will prevent all the messages going to console.

start_puppet_dashboard() {
start-stop-daemon --start --quiet --oknodo --make-pidfile --pidfile ${PIDFILE} --user ${DASHBOARD_USER} --chuid ${DASHBOARD_USER} --exec ${DASHBOARD_RUBY} -- ${DASHBOARD_HOME}/script/server -e ${DASHBOARD_ENVIRONMENT} -p ${DASHBOARD_PORT} -b ${DASHBOARD_IFACE} -d

3) I commented out check_puppet_dashboard_status in start_puppet_dashboard() function since it was giving bogus failure messages.

I also had issues with the init script killing the puppetmaster as well but leaving its pid file, but that seemed to go away once I daemonized the dashboard. Not sure why the two were tied together.

Hope that helps.


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