I just setup PuppetDB with PostgreSQL and Puppet Dashboard on the same
machine as my puppet master that was about 25 nodes. When I start/restart
the puppet-dashboard service via /etc/init/d (Ubuntu12.04 btw) The
inventory works perfectly on the dashboard. However, any activity on the
dashboard results in writing to the screen on my putty terminal. So if I
close that putty session, dashboard still seems to work as usual, but under
Inventory on a node it shows input/output error. If I open another putty
window and check status of the dashboard service, is shows running. If I
then restart it, the inventory starts working again.

Dashboard says you can detach with '-d' but you can't call the /etc/init.d
script with a -d and adding it to the script itself doesn't seem to work
either. How should be starting/restarting dashboard so that I can detach
so everything stays running when I log out.

Also, I don't see any errors in dashboard or db log.


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