I discovered a gotcha with exec'ing "reg add": the change to PATH doesn't
show up in the current cmd environment (the one where puppet is being run).
That means that, if you add something to PATH multiple times, only the last
one will stick.

I tried using puppet-registry, but am getting "unknown function
validate_re" on line 44 of value.pp. I'm running in standalone mode, and
put the entire contents of the puppet-windows zip from Github in my modules
directory. Do I need any special config to make it work (or does it only
work with a master)?

On Thursday, August 16, 2012 2:44:16 PM UTC-5, Jeff Sussna wrote:

I want to use Puppet to manage Groovy and Gradle on Windows machines. The
install process for each looks like:

1. Download zip file from a URL
2. Unzip
3. Create a Windows environment variable to point to the location where
you unzipped
4. Add that environment variable/bin to the global PATH environment

As far as I can Puppet for Windows supports none of these actions. I'm
guessing I have to write a .bat script to call from Puppet? Any plans on
adding support for these seemingly common actions?
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