You don't say what version of puppet you're using, whether you're using
an ENC, or whether you're already using either extlookup() or hiera(),
so it's really difficult to suggest something that integrates well with
your current environment.
Sorry I didn't provide more detail. We're using puppet 2.6.13. We
have a single *.pp config file for each and every host, so specifying
additional classes is not hard to do on a host-per-host basis. Here's
the limits.conf config from the class that has been applied to these

file { "/etc/security/limits.conf":
owner => "root",
group => "root",
mode => "644",
content => "#<domain>\t\t<type>\t\t<item>\t\t<value>\n*\t\t-\t\tnofile\t\t65000\n*\t\t-\t\tnproc\t\t140000\n*\t\thard\t\tcore\t\tunlimited\ncdc-dev\t\t-\t\tpriority\t\t15\nhtc\t\t-\t\tnofile\t\t250000\n";

Basically I just want this "file" type to not be active on three
hosts. I don't need to be able to detect the hosts, as I can specify
the config manually in each of their config files.

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