Hey Josh,
On Friday, August 17, 2012 11:38:08 AM UTC-5, Josh Cooper wrote:

I have a standardlib type module with generic functions for things like
download, md5, etc. that are used in other custom types. Lacking a
shell, tools, and package management on Windows, I find this approach
cleaner than trying to ship binaries and use cmd.exe.
It would be great to get this on the forge, would you be willing to
publish it?

It needs some refactoring to get company specific stuff out right now, but
sure I'll try to make time to do that.
Also, check out Ruby's win32 stuff, or even just wmic. You may find
with MSI's easier this way than using the 2.7x type in Puppet.
Be careful with wmic and msi's. Simply enumerating the list of
installed products will cause wmi to perform a consistency check
across all installed products[1]. Probably not what you wanted!
Yeah I know, it's crazy! This is why I get product versions from
HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall instead.
I've made some improvements to the MSI package provider on Windows in
2.7.19[2] (currently in rc and will be out "soon"). It would be great
if you could give that a try.
Also, we'll have support for executable packages in 3.x[3].
Awesome, I'll check it out soon, thanks.
And, Rich has a package provider using chocolately (a la apt-get for
I hadn't even heard of chocolately before, thanks, good stuff.


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