On Thursday, August 16, 2012 11:00:34 AM UTC-5, Rost wrote:
Yes I want to fill /myappbase/applis/conf with the content of twice
sources, but in different class.

Le jeudi 16 août 2012 17:41:12 UTC+2, Rost a écrit :
Hi all,

I'm developing my own module, and i want to declare same resources in
different class like this :

This resource is used to configure my Jboss server by copying conf files
in /myappbase/applis/conf
class srhjboss::config::applis {

file { "/myappbase/applis/conf":

ensure => directory,
notify => Class['srhjboss::service'],
recurse => true,
source => 'puppet:///modules/srhjboss/communs',



The second class and resource is used to deploy the conf file of my war
application like this :

class srhdeployit::war {

file { "/myappbase/applis/conf"':
ensure => present,
source => "puppet://puppet/srnrepo/myappname",
recurse => true,


then i include the class in the node

node default {
include srhjboss::config::applis
include srhdeployit::war

I got the exact failure :

err: Failed to apply catalog: Cannot alias File[ ' ' ] to
["/sirhen/applis/conf"] at
/etc/puppet/modules/srhjboss/manifests/config/applis.pp:47; resource
["File", "/sirhen/applis/conf"] already declared at
As Christopher explained, you cannot declare the same resource twice on the
same node, as it is internally inconsistent. You give Puppet conflicting
information about the properties of the resource, so which is it supposed
to apply?

Supposing that none of the files provided by class 'srhdeployit::war'
replace files provided by class 'srhjboss::config::applis', you should be
able to solve the problem by using separate File resources for each file or
directory that the former wants to manage. Note also that it looks like
you probably need a 'requires' parameter on the 'srhdeployit::war' file(s).


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