Just to give you more ideas, and as someone who tends to reinvint wheels,
what I do for this sort of thing on Windows is make custom types and use
Ruby to handle download, unzip, md5, etc. Here's how a couple custom types
I use look in a Puppet manifest:

media_player_msi { 'ensure_msi_version':
ensure => present,
version => $version,
download_dir => $download_dir,
schedule => 'msi_upgrades',
require => Media_Player_Stage_Msi['ensure_msi_download'],
notify => Exec['reboot'],

I have a standardlib type module with generic functions for things like
download, md5, etc. that are used in other custom types. Lacking a robust
shell, tools, and package management on Windows, I find this approach
cleaner than trying to ship binaries and use cmd.exe.

Also, check out Ruby's win32 stuff, or even just wmic. You may find working
with MSI's easier this way than using the 2.7x type in Puppet. Working with
the registry is pretty easy too. Of course you can also use the registry
module in the Forge. To give you another example, here's a winfacts module
I made that uses wmi (note: I am still new to Ruby, this isn't the
prettiest, but it works :)



On Thursday, August 16, 2012 2:44:16 PM UTC-5, Jeff Sussna wrote:

I want to use Puppet to manage Groovy and Gradle on Windows machines. The
install process for each looks like:

1. Download zip file from a URL
2. Unzip
3. Create a Windows environment variable to point to the location where
you unzipped
4. Add that environment variable/bin to the global PATH environment

As far as I can Puppet for Windows supports none of these actions. I'm
guessing I have to write a .bat script to call from Puppet? Any plans on
adding support for these seemingly common actions?
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