I appreciate you responding, but this really doesn't help. It doesn't
answer my questions at all.
OK, I could just ignore these lines, but I really hate the idea of not
using something because I don't have the documentation or I don't
understand it. And what if I need DDNS?
But the big thing is that this seems to be referencing another module. At
the very least, the string 'Bind' exists only in the README and the
tests/init.pp files. But how do I determine which module? And if it's not a
module, then what?

On Tuesday, August 7, 2012 12:45:17 PM UTC-5, Nan Liu wrote:

The blog post gave an example dhcp manifests, and you should adjust
the settings to match your environment prior to deployment. The
dhcp/tests/init.pp manifest is just an example, and for the purpose of
using Razor you don't really need either lines below (they enable
dynamic dns updates


dnsupdatekey => "/etc/bind/keys.d/$ddnskeyname",
require => Bind::Key[ $ddnskeyname ],

You want to review dhcp::pool and dhcp::host settings as well.

If you simply want to try it out, Stephen Johnson, one of Puppet Labs'
professional service engineer, create a vagrant demo environment based
on Ben Burkert demo from github:


Stephen's demo should be boiled down to a simple rake task and
'vagrant up' command.


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