I am new to puppet and have started evaluating various features in last few
days. I am not a developer and am mostly going to use the modules available
on github or puppet forge.

Currently I have tried all easier modules and they seem to work perfectly
without any issues, but now the problem is arising when I am trying to use
modules like mysql, tomcat etc...

For mysql I am using the module

What I am observing is mysql is gets installed and everything but no db is
added, also intermittently the password is not set, it is neither not blank
nor does it set the password that I have mentioned. The nodes.pp that I am
using is as follows

[root@pmast1 manifests]# cat /etc/puppet/manifests/nodes.pp
class baseclass {
class { 'mysql': }
class { 'mysql::server':
#config_hash => { 'root_password' => 'mypass' }
mysql::db { 'mydb':
user => 'myuser',
password => 'mypass',
host => 'localhost',
grant => ['all'],

node 'pclient1.example.com' {
include baseclass

Now as in nodes.pp if I try to set the password it gives me the error below
on the puppet client node

[root@pclient1 ~]# puppetd --test
notice: Ignoring --listen on onetime run
info: Caching catalog for pclient1.example.com
info: Applying configuration version '1343801984'
notice: /Stage[main]/Mysql::Config/Exec[set_mysql_rootpw]/returns:
mysqladmin: connect to server at 'localhost' failed
notice: /Stage[main]/Mysql::Config/Exec[set_mysql_rootpw]/returns: error:
'Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO)'
err: /Stage[main]/Mysql::Config/Exec[set_mysql_rootpw]/returns: change from
notrun to 0 failed: mysqladmin -u root password mypass returned 1 instead
of one of [0] at /etc/puppet/modules/mysql/manifests/config.pp:94
notice: /File[/root/.my.cnf]: Dependency Exec[set_mysql_rootpw] has
failures: true
warning: /File[/root/.my.cnf]: Skipping because of failed dependencies
notice: /Stage[main]/Mysql::Config/Exec[mysqld-restart]: Dependency
Exec[set_mysql_rootpw] has failures: true
warning: /Stage[main]/Mysql::Config/Exec[mysqld-restart]: Skipping because
of failed dependencies
notice: Finished catalog run in 0.56 seconds

And in case I do not specify the password in the nodes.pp, not sure what
password is sets but only adds the mysql service to the client node.

I am sure I am missing something and here but not sure what...

Also in case of tomcat I am having similar issues not sure how can I add
applications or tomcat in the /usr/local/tomcat path.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Rakesh K.

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