On Tue, 2012-07-31 at 15:58 +0700, heriyanto wrote:
asterisk package already installed. I don't plan installation for this package managed by puppet.
just want manage the file configuration.
If the package is already installed, adding
package { 'asterisk': }
to your puppet config won't do anything to your system. Puppet will
simply notice that the 'asterisk' package is already there, mark the
resource as present, and continue on with all the dependencies
it come up when i yum search.

actually how "require => Package" working? its checking to repos or into system?
require => Package[] doesn't do anything by itself. All it does is make
sure that the corresponding package {} resource is checked before
whatever you added the 'require' to. It just sets the order.

The package {} resource itself will query the package management system
to see if the package is installed, and will install it if it is

Calvin Walton <[email protected]>

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