On Fri, 2012-07-13 at 02:06 -0700, Praveen Shivashankar wrote:
Hi All,

Is there a feasibility for creating subgroups on the Puppet Dashboard?
Basically the requirement is that we have a huge number of VMs running
designated services. Some of VMs having the same service may yet have
different properties configured on them. We are exploring the feasibility
of having these properties managed through puppet. Currently all these VMs
are put into a single group on the Puppet Dashboard and have global
properties configured on the dashboard.

Can I create a subgroup among these, and configure separate properties so
that when the Agent contacts the master, based on the subgroup it belongs
the corresponding property values are picked up (or else the default
entries are retained)???
Yes, you can. It's quite simple:

Create a new group for your sub-group, then in the "Groups" field, enter
the name of the parent group.

The new subgroup then inherits all of the properties and classes from
the parent group, and you can override properties by entering new values
for them in the subgroup.

You can also override individual properties by setting them on the node
directly, in case you have a one-off situation.

Calvin Walton
Blindside Networks http://www.blindsidenetworks.com/

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