First off, I'm not sure if I should be asking questions about puppetlabs
modules here, if not, I apologise...

I'm trying to at least setup my mysql replication user through the mysql
module, but I seem to be unable to divine the correct way to do this. I've
tried a number of different variations, but my user doesn't get the
repl_slave_priv on my user table... This is the relevant part of my

database_user { "repl_slave@%":
password_hash => mysql_password(' ... '),

database_grant { "repl_slave@%/*.*":
privileges => ['repl_slave_priv'],

The puppet run doesn't raise an error, it says:

privileges changed '' to 'repl_slave_priv'

But it does so at each puppet run, so clearly it's actually NOT changing
privileges to 'repl_slave_priv'. This seems like a pretty big bug to me. If
it fails, it should tell me it fails, not pretend it worked. Also, when I
check on the actual user table I indeed see no repl_slave_priv granted to
this user...

I've also tried 'replication slave' (which is what you do in a GRANT x
incantation) and 'repl_slave'. A little more documentation for the module
would be a great help here...

Thanks for any pointers,

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