Am I close?
Yes, but some details are far out ;-)
On 06/16/2012 09:58 AM, Marc Lucke wrote:
I think I an interate through the arrays using an inline_template in a
define to run an exec using creates (to look for the .private file and
generate it only if it doesn't exist).
I don't see how the template fits in here.


opendkim_domain {
"foo.org": subdomains => [ "foo", "bar", "baz" ];

define opendkim_domain($subdomains) {
$domain = $name
opendkim_subdomain { $subdomains: domain => $domain }

define opendkim_subdomain($domain) {
$subdomain = $name
# resources for creating stuff using values of $domain and $subdomain

You *can* unroll arrays to larger strings using inline templates, but
usually you only need defined types to process your data.
I can notify if I create the
private key or on KeyTable or on SigningTable, but I don't want to
notify 3 times so the choice would seem to be to pick one.
This is a non-issue. 3 notifications are perfectly fine and will not
result in three restarts. Puppet will refresh your service resource at
most once per run.
The notify => metaparameter implies a "before" relationship, so puppet
also makes sure to evaluate all config pieces before the service
resource. So if any number of your configurations steps needs
performing, puppet guarantees (barring intermittent agent crashes) that
the service will be restarted as needed, but not more so.


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