Hey guys,

I'm a noob. I learn best by doing, but I've been throwing myself at
this problem a while & have come up with a solution that's too ugly for
words. I'm seeking some direction or idea on best practice and
direction specific to my problem.

A perfect example of my use case is opendkim:

1x global config file opendkim.conf # << out of scope for my question,
simplistic to configure

2x config files: KeyTable, SigningTable # << each line in each file
consists of a config based on subdomain and domain
1x exec: creates subdomain.private and subdomain.txt # << private key &
dns txt record respectively per subdomain

domans {
domain1: subdomain1, subdomain2 ... subdomain n.... subdomain k
domain2: subdomain1, subdomain2 ... subdomain n.... subdomain k

The opendkim daemon should only be restarted if the KeyTable or the
SigningTable change, or if a new key is generated.

I think I an interate through the arrays using an inline_template in a
define to run an exec using creates (to look for the .private file and
generate it only if it doesn't exist). I can notify if I create the
private key or on KeyTable or on SigningTable, but I don't want to
notify 3 times so the choice would seem to be to pick one.

Am I close?

Any stray thoughts appreciated.

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