I have an application package that needs to be installed on certain
application servers but before it can be installed, database access has to
be setup on a database server.

I have figured out how to export a resource on the app server that gets
collected and realized on the database server, but I cannot figure out how
to make the package on the app server depend on the exported resource that
gets realized on the database server.

I have tried something like this:

@@numerex_percona::database_grant { $::mysql_hostname:
user => 'root',
password => $::mysql_server_root_password,
host => $::fqdn,
before => Package['ublipgw'],

But that doesn't work because Package['ublipgw'] is not on the server where
the database_grant is realized, but on the server where it is exported.
What is the best way to handle a situation like this?

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