On Tuesday, June 12, 2012 4:57:13 PM UTC-5, Adam Heinz wrote:
Is it possible to get the value of a member variable on a collected
resource? Something like

Host <<| name == 'nagios' |>>
$nagiosip = Host["nagios"]::ip

Gepetto has red lined all of my guesses so far.
Generally speaking, it is not possible to get the value of *any* property
of *any* previously-declared resource from within your manifests. There
may be some kind of workaround involving inline templates or Ruby DSL, but
only because they cannot do their jobs without opening a window to parts of
Puppet that manifests are not intended to twiddle.

I would recommend instead recording host 'nagios''s IP in a class variable
or an external data file, and having other nodes retrieve it from there.


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