On Jun 8, 10:16 am, Scott wrote:
I am having the same issue and it seems that the puppet installer does
not look for a valid Sun/Oracle java installation. How do you get around
that problem aside from installing another java product. I have
installed the rpms from Oracle for the current java. The rpms are listed
in the rpm database as jdk-<VERSION>-fcs or jre-<VERSION>-fcs. So if the
puppet installer is looking for java in the rpm database they will not
find it.

This is for a production box and the client wants oracle java not a
knock off, no matter how good they are.
OpenJDK is the open-source version of the Java product that Oracle
purchased along with Sun. It is not a knock-off. Sun went to a lot of
effort to be able to release the code, and Oracle remains a major
contributor to it. You'll even see Oracle's logo displayed in the
sidebar of the OpenJDK FAQ. Moreover, OpenJDK passes Oracle's TCK
tests, else Oracle would not permit it to be marked with the "Java"
brand. It runs a great many production boxes.

Nevertheless, if the client insists on obtaining a binary package
obtained direct from Oracle, then follow Michael's link to relevant


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