On May 29, 8:47 am, liondgr8 wrote:
Hi puppet users,

I would like to know how to reassign the global variables specifically
extlookup_datadir, extlookup_precedence.

You cannot change the value of any variable once it's set.

My use case is in such a way that suppose I have 2 agents handled by
Agent1 requires the custom parameters for the module installation.
These parameter files(*.csv) are independent of the different agents.

What I did, I made different manifest files including there related
lookup datadir, and precedence order. But puppet cant reassign
extlookup as these are global variables.

How can I pass different parameters from different parameter files on
various modules as each agent have different manifest files.

I thought extlookup resolved its controlling variables from the
current scope via Puppet's normal resolution mechanism. That would
mean that if you set local variables $extlookup_datadir and
$extlookup_precedence within the class calling extlookup(), then the
function should use them (and if not, it should use the global

Alternatively, you could switch to hiera, the newer, more powerful
younger brother of extlookup(). It has a more flexible mechanism for
choosing among various possible values for a given key, among many
other advantages.


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