I'm having some trouble with subclasses accessing other subclasses within
the same main class.

I have boiled it down a general case. I have the following files:

## /etc/puppet/modules/test1
class test1 {

class {'test2::bar':}


## /etc/puppet/modules/test2/init.pp
class test2 {
class {test2::foo}
class {test2::bar}
class {test2::baz}

## /etc/puppet/modules/test2/foo.pp
class test2::foo {
# do something here in foo


## /etc/puppet/modules/test2/bar.pp
class test2::bar {
# do something here that requires test2::foo
exec { 'bar_in_tmp':
path => '/usr/bin:/usr/sbin:/bin',
command => "touch /tmp/bar",
creates => '/tmp/bar',
require => [


## /etc/puppet/modules/test2/baz.pp

class test2::baz {
# do something unwanted here


When the agent runs it dies saying "Could not find dependence
Class['Test2::Foo'] for Exec['bar_in_tmp']"

Now if I change that line in test1 to just class {'test2':} it runs without
error. However since the main class call test2::baz, it does more than I
wanted. Am I not understanding something? How do I just do bar and foo?

Thanks in advance,


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