Thanks, it was the solution that I tried after posting this. I had seen in
a puppet bug something about regex matchers at either side of the inherits
expression and thought that it could be possible.

I had not thought about doing the double definition, the textual one and
the regex. Thanks for pointing it out.
On Friday, May 11, 2012 12:15:07 AM UTC+2, jcbollinger wrote:

On May 10, 12:54 pm, David Campos wrote:
Hello all,

I am having a strange problem matching a hierarchy of nodes like the
following one:

node basenode {
node /^diaspora(?:-\d+)?$/ inherits basenode {
node /^diaspora15(?:-\d+)?$/ inherits diaspora {
When I try to instantiate a node that should match the last one (for
example diaspora15 or diaspora15-4433) I find that puppet matches that node
but is not able to match the parent node. From my knowledge of regular
expressions (and checking though rubular), diaspora matches my first
regular expression so the inheritance should be complete.

I get the following message:

Could not find parent resource type 'diaspora' of type node in
at /tmp/vagrant-puppet/manifests/diaspora.pp:14 on node
Also, when I instantiate a node named diaspora that works..

Any idea of what I am doing wrong? I think that puppet allows that kind of

Evidently, you are mistaken. Puppet is not matching the parent node
name against your regex nodes; instead it is looking for a node
definition bearing exactly that name. Frankly, I don't find that

You should be able to resolve the problem with a slight juggling of
your node definitions:

node basenode {

node diaspora inherits basenode {

node /^diaspora-\d+$/ inherits diaspora {
# empty

node /^diaspora15(?:-\d+)?$/ inherits diaspora {

There are other variations and altogether different approaches, too,
but that's probably the closest to what you already have.

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