Right now all our different environments (test/stage/prod) are being served
by the same puppet master. We have tried some things that tend to break
puppet which obviously is not good on a production machine. I have been
tasked to match our puppet environment with the enterprise environment. I
proposed to do the following and would like to know if I am missing any
fundamental steps:

OS - Puppet master, RHEL 6; clients, RHEL5/6 - All patched weekly
Puppet master and clients Currently puppet 2.7.13 - Installed/updated from
puppet repo
Version Control - SVN

Although puppet files are under version control, I like to back up anyway.
I am guessing/hoping that since nothing will call the environmental
manifests that we can create our other 2 environments without disturbing
our current configuration so I would create /etc/puppet/test and
/etc/puppet/stage directories and likely copy the current environment into
each as a starting point. (or would the duplicate class names be an issue?)
Remove the nodes that are not relevant to the specific environments and
make sure that all the manifests include the environments in any absolute
Edit /etc/puppet/puppet.conf to accommodate the environments by adding:

modulepath = $confdir/environments/$environment/modules:$confdir/modules
manifest = $confdir/manifests/unknown_environment.pp
manifest = $confdir/manifests/site.pp
manifest = $confdir/manifests/site.pp
manifest = $confdir/manifests/site.pp

Finally, copy the current modules/manifests in to /etc/puppet/production
and restart puppetmaster

This is a high level task list, I am just making sure that I am not missing
anything important at this point...


John Kennedy

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