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I am stumped by what must clearly be a misreading on my part. Node 0.10 docs say that each element of os.cpus() contains information about each CPU/core. This information includes "the number of milliseconds the CPU/core spent in: user, nice, sys, idle, and irq” (the docs do not say milliseconds of what, but I assume it means milliseconds since the system was last started). Note that this used to be, in v0.8 (and I assume before), reported in CPU ticks, but seems to have switched to milliseconds for v0.10.

Now for the puzzle: say I do this:

setTimeout(function() { console.log(os.cpus()[0].times.idle); }, 2000);

The output I see is:


Assuming that ordering of CPUs/cores is consistent in the array returned by os.cpus(), it’s not clear how to square the above with the docs. The difference between the times reported is 17700ms i.e., CPU 0 was idle for 17 seconds in the 2 seconds between the two calls!

One thing to consider is if os.cpus() returns CPU usage information from /proc/stats. If so, two things could affect the above (more likely the second):

(1) the first line of /proc/stats in GNU/Linux reports the totals across CPUs.
(2) these numbers seem to be in “jiffies” or 1/100th of a second (USER_HZ).

Time to start digging into the ‘os’ module sources, I guess, though I think Ockham’s Razor continues to point at me.


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