I'm using node version 10.33. Good idea about either of those mocking
frameworks using contextify. I just checked and neither do. What's strange
is that the first time I run the tests, there's no problem. If I run the
tests alone, there's no problem. The problem only seems to happen when
nodemon restarts and runs the tests again.
On Sunday, November 23, 2014 2:35:09 PM UTC-5, Aria Stewart wrote:

On Nov 23, 2014, at 8:00 PM, Nael Alismail <nerdupg...@gmail.com
<javascript:>> wrote:

I'm stuck on an issue during testing and I was wondering if I could get
some help nailing down the problem. I've created a project to recreate the
error here: https://github.com/maestroh/segfault_test

When running my tests, I continue to get a segmentation fault error when
nodemon restarts. The only way I've been able to recreate the error is
through the following steps.


*When the tests re-run, I receive the following segfault error*



That is Contextify being set up, which is a really interestingly annoying
piece of hackery. Its concepts now form the node 0.11 vm module.

Which node are you using?

I only get the segfault when requiring sinon or simple-mock. Anyone know
how to further diagnose the problem? I'm thinking there is a problem with
how I'm setting up and tearing down jsdom, but I can't find anyone else
that's had the problem. One other thought is that I'm running in a virtual
machine. I'm wondering if the contextify build isn't getting created
correctly which results in the segfault.

I wonder if those do similar hacks -- do either of those use contextify?

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