Hi everyone,

I was using fs.utimes to change the mtime of files and my problem is it seems that it has no effect on mtime when I called this method multiple times on windows. I ran the same code on ubuntu and everything's fine.

I tried to change ws.on('finish' to rs.on('close' which will be emitted before ws's finish event and found the change of mtime has done but it was changed again later. So I was wondering maybe when the finish event is emitted, the write of the file still has not been done.

Could anyone tell me what's wrong with my code?

Here's my code:

var fs = require('fs');

function doTest(path1, path2) {
     var rs = fs.createReadStream(path1),
         ws = fs.createWriteStream(path2);
     rs.on('readable', function fn() {
         var buf = rs.read(2);
         rs.removeListener('readable', fn);

         ws.on('finish', function () {
               var d = new Date('2014-4-11 12:30');

               // fs.statSync(path2).mtime;
               fs.utimesSync(path2, d, d);
               console.log(+d, +fs.statSync(path2).mtime);

               setTimeout(function () {
               }, 1000);


doTest('./test1.txt', './test1.write.txt');
doTest('./test2.txt', './test2.write.txt');

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