Yep - +1 for Jose Luis.
On Friday, August 9, 2013 4:55:37 AM UTC-4, Jose Luis Rivas wrote:
On 8/8/13 6:41 PM, Atul Kapoor wrote:
Hi Jatin,

Can an alternate of this is possible...as Can I serve dynamic data based
on user authentication.. for example can we have multiple users login to
node server and it displays data accordingly... I am looking to replace
my python app to node.js for real time usage.

Any help is appreciated, as if now the system works fine with single
user only! :(

Can you help me as to how should i change so that system accepts
multiple users
Authenticate your users and send them a token. Made them send the token
back with their requests so you know who they are. If they are not
sending you the token your response should be 401.

Jose Luis Rivas
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