The make install did not install them. There's no mention of them being
moved anywhere. node-gyp does not install them in any system directory, and
the node-gyp configure and install do not find them either (though, a `find
/` shows them in my home directory... ???). There are no notes on this
anywhere. Also, no notes that the apt package has removed the npm package,
and also the node-dev packages have been removed.

There's nothing in the migration guide about this. Nothing in the
changelog, nothing in the C++ Modules section in the docs. Nothing on the
node-gyp page or changelog. How are we supposed to find out about this
basic information? This make me quite nervous as to what else has been
omitted from the migration guide. I don't care if things have been changed
about, but having to hunt down and figure out exactly what has changed, and
where it's gone, is quite frustrating, and wasting everyone's time.

Can someone shed some insight?

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