On 5 March 2012 19:49, chris.percol wrote:
I look after a private cloud of around 30 windows and linux virtual

We are using node to do some pretty cool stuff at the moment on these
servers e.g. run sql commands, file backups and other stuff. However,
I'm individually pulling code changes down to servers using git which
is far from ideal.

What would folk recommend for better deployment of code updates? In
particular something that is clever enough to know if node is
processing a job (we use kue at moment) that the autodeploy doesn't
kill the running jobs.

Many thanks,

I had a thought that one could probably re-require modules without
restarting the node process by sending a signal or something like
that. Also, I guess setting file watchers would be a solution also and
you could even implement signature checking or something like that I
suppose. I would appreciate to hear from anyone who knows V8 better
whether it would be posible to re-require a module and if yes are
there any limitation/downsides in doing such kind of thing?

Another thing would be,if you are using node for some sort of work
queues, you could probably make this with watcher-supervisor kind of
process that will signal it's children to exit once the last job is
completed and respawn those with the updated code. This way you are
not respawning for each job, i.e. workers sit idle if there is no
work, but exit only when they are told to do so in order to run of the
new code base.


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