Is it possible to configure memcached session manager with a File or
JDBC store in adition ?
The use case is this.
Suppose I have 2 servers each with a Tomcat + memcached. Works
great if one dies, but if both die then all session data is lost
(?) ... but if the File or JDBC Store were running then atleast a
backup or final shutdown of the session data would be stored in
persistant storage so when I restart tomcat it could recover the
session data.

I know this is overkill and not really that useful, just curious if
you can mix the memcached session management with the persistant

Also curious if since memcached interface is so simple, would it be
possible to implement an Amazon S3 or SimpleDB backed storage reusing
most of the code ? The architecture is similar, a key/object store
with a simple protocol. Maybe I could implement a memcached server
that talked to SimpleDB or S3 instead of used RAM.

None of these are critical as session data (for my uses) is a 'nice to
have' and in real disasters its OK if its lost ... the real important
data is in the DB and if a user has to relogin its just an
annoyance ... So this is mainly a educational question.

Thanks for any ideas

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