Interesting. Same type of single-URL rule applies with "like" and "tweet"
buttons, but you are able to load the URL and snippet data at the time of
the user action. This allows me to have multiple summaries of long-form
content on the same page, allowing the user to like the long-form content
without having to read it all.

This is a serious limitation by the +1 button dev team. It especially
doesn't make any sense when they acknowledge the need for multiple +1
buttons per page by providing an href option. href allows a unique URL for
each +1 button on the page... why no option for unique snippet data for
each +1 button? Makes no sense to me.

On Sun, Sep 9, 2012 at 4:39 PM, Abraham Williams wrote:

And given URL will always have the same +snippet attributes. If you want
each article to have it's own summary than each article will have to have a
unique URL.

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On Sat, Sep 8, 2012 at 2:51 AM, Don wrote:

I have a page that provides multiple article summaries. It was pretty
straightforward to get "like" and "tweet" buttons that work correctly for
each individual summary. Looking at the +1 button documentation I was able
to see how to put multiple +1 buttons on a page with the href attribute.
However each of these buttons all end up using the same erroneous data to
populate the +snippet data in the pop-up.

The +snippet documentation points to, open graph, and the
<head> tag as mechanisms to populate "a" +1 button's snippet data. But
none seem to be workable for multiple +1 buttons on a single page, each
associated with completely different models (articles.)

How can I put multiple +1 buttons on a page and ensure that the +snippet
data is unique for each button?



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