On Fri, Jun 17, 2016 at 2:23 PM, Dmitry Orlov wrote:
If I understand it correctly, go scheduler instruments code with additional
yield points not related to I/O. That can help fairness too.
It will sometimes pre-empt on function calls, but this can get a bit
hairy since you can't always be sure what function calls will be
inlined. This has caused problems for me before where I was adding
lots of CPU intensive goroutines to the schedulers queue, and it was
context switching so much that it never finished any of them (which I
suppose shouldn't have suprised me, but it would be an easy mistake
for a new user who may expect CPU intensive work not to yield to

For example, see this (not-very-scientific) analysis of some bcrypt
benchmarks (TL;DR they get faster if we make inlining a lot more
aggressive) which has many thousands of function calls in a loop in
the blowfish block cipher:


Sam Whited
pub 4096R/54083AE104EA7AD3

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