On Tue, Jun 14, 2016 at 4:53 AM, Andy Brewer wrote:
I agree that good mobile UI should be responsive. I'm thinking this feature
would be useful for testing your app on those wide range of mobile screen
sizes. Right now, it's difficult to test apps made with gomobile because the
viewport needs to be resized manually to see all the content.
If the viewport needs to be resized to see all the content, that
doesn't sound like a responsive UI. Again, that's not something I'd
like to encourage.

If you really just need to embiggen the window, it should be
straightforward to assign a system-level keyboard shortcut to maximize
or zoom the window.

1. Would it be realistic to pass a flag like: gomobile build -target=ios
-viewport=1125x2001 golang.org/x/mobile/example/basic
I don't understand the suggestion. If you're building for -target=ios
then iOS isn't an environment where an app can choose its window size.

2. Or, could we enable an API where developers could use /pkg/flag to enable
flags on the mobile binary itself and adjust the viewport programmatically
like: ./myNewMobileApp -viewport=1125x2001
Flags belong in apps (package main) and not libraries (package
notmain). If anything, yes, your "package main" code is free to define
its own flags, and we'd need some API, probably an additional argument
to app.Main. But I'm not convinced yet that there's a need.

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