Thanks for all the useful answers. All I want to do is to create an
encryption program for simple home computing purposes. I once lost some
encrypted files, because I lost the password. I think I did a typo when
typing it in and didn't realize. So I thought I write my own encryption
programm with a catch-all password in it. That might be a very bad idea now

I first wanted to use Java as I'm used to it. But Java code cannot be
encrypted to hide the encryption key, because the Java byte codes would
then become unreadable for the JVM. So I thought of something else. I
thought of moving the key to some server. But then I would be dependent on
some server and the Internet being reachable in order to decrypt my things
(password files, etc.).

Seems like the best solution would be to store the key in a separate file,
though I don't understand exactly how this makes things better. Having the
key in a separate file means that the decrypted blank key is only visible
from within the running encryption programm for a very short moment. Is
that the idea? Maybe have a solution that first looks for a local key file
and only checks some server for it when locally not present.

Regards, Haddock

Am Montag, 13. Juni 2016 18:01:48 UTC+2 schrieb Haddock:

I'm developing my own little encryption application in Go. The Go
application needs to know the key used for encryption and decryption. My
question is whether that key can be extracted from the Go executable
somehow through disassembly or looking at the applications memory or
something. I'm a complete Go beginner and know nothing about its memory
layout. So that's why I thought it's better to ask.

Thanks, Haddock
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