You need start the server too.

Or you can change the IP on boot file as described on readme.

I didnt comment because was not a public game when i started it.

Em 8 de jun de 2016 9:18 PM, "Tyler Compton" <xaviosx@gmail.com> escreveu:

I think the code would benefit from more commenting in general. I couldn't
find any type or function comments anywhere. I'm not saying they are always
necessary for exported functions and types, but I would say they usually

I'm getting the same issue that Sebastien is. I look forward to playing
your game when that is resolved :)
On Monday, May 30, 2016 at 3:44:20 AM UTC-7, Sebastien Binet wrote:

On Sat, May 28, 2016 at 5:49 AM, Paulo Coutinho wrote:


I want share my two new projects using Golang.

A HTML5 bomberman like game and his multiplayer server using golang and


The game is registered in: www.golandy.com
I didn't manage to connect to a game (I keep getting a "blinking"
'connecting...') but 2 remarks:

- you should strive to comment your code in english instead of portugese
(same for the git commit messages)
- you should also strive to run gofmt/goimports on your code to make it
look kosher.

also, it looks to me like you should have r/w-mutexes to the Players and
Bombs variables:
you seem to properly lock them for writing, but you also have at least one
goroutine iterating over Players to send them something (sendToAll), as
well as many other (quantityOfNPCs, all the goroutines inside wsHandler)

just my 2cents,
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