Hello fellow Gophers.

You may have noticed that json.Unmarshal always refuses to deserialise JSON
into a custom interface type. For example, if you have a custom interface:

type Fruit interface {
Name() string

...And you wish you deserialise a Lemon:

type Lemon struct {
KindOfLemon string
func (le Lemon) Name() string {
return le.KindOfLemon

...But your code cannot touch Lemon directly, all you have is a Fruit:

var deserialisedLime Fruit = Lemon{}
fmt.Println(json.Unmarshal(serialsedLime, &deserialisedLime))

Unmarshal function will complain that it "cannot unmarshal object into Go
value of type <interface name>".

However, the statement is not entirely true, json package is perfectly
capable of doing that, although the workaround involves
reflection: https://play.golang.org/p/-VYz3LxYmp


Kind regards,

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