In my Cassandra config I have enabled user authentication and connect with
cqlsh over ssl. I'm having trouble implementing the same with gocql,
following is my code:

cluster := gocql.NewCluster("")
cluster.Authenticator = gocql.PasswordAuthenticator{
     Username: "myuser",
     Password: "mypassword",
cluster.SslOpts = &gocql.SslOptions {
     CertPath: "/path/to/cert.pem",
When I try to connect I get following error:

  gocql: unable to create session: connectionpool: unable to load X509 key
pair: open : no such file or directory

In python I can do this with something like:

from cassandra.cluster import Cluster
from cassandra.auth import PlainTextAuthProvider
USER = 'username'
PASS = 'password'
ssl_opts = {'ca_certs': '/path/to/cert.pem',
         'ssl_version': PROTOCOL_TLSv1
credentials = PlainTextAuthProvider(username = USER, password = PASS)
# define host, port, cqlsh protocaol version
cluster = Cluster(contact_points= HOST, protocol_version=
CQLSH_PROTOCOL_VERSION, auth_provider = credentials, port = CASSANDRA_PORT)

I checked the gocql and TLS documentation here and here but I'm unsure
about how to set ssl options.

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