If you like the idea of communicating sequential processes as in Go you can
have a look at Quasar <http://www.paralleluniverse.co/quasar/>, which
offers pretty much the same functionality for the JVM. Threads on the JVM
are not green threads as in Go. So the people that develop Quasar have
introduced fibers to get the effect of green threads accomplished.

Some framework for continuations is used to allow for expression with
sequential or nested blocking channels. Continuations cannot be implemented
on the JVM without resorting to byte code injection. The byte code
injection in Quasar only works for Java and Kotlin (maybe Groovy). But it
doesn't work for Scala. This is explained by Scala being a very complex
language, the analysis of the byte code created by the Scala compiler would
be ways to effortful for them. I don't know whether that is a pretext as
Quasar also includes actors and thus the whole Quasar framework directly
comptes with Scala's Akka.But it seems plausible to me.

-- Haddock

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