I've done similar thing for DHCPv4 Injector
(https://github.com/jerome-laforge/ClientInjector) with gopacket
(https://github.com/google/gopacket). gopacket uses libpcap with cgo. And
it works like a charm.

There are several examples that can surely help you

Hope, that helps.

Le lundi 29 février 2016 15:37:42 UTC+1, yank...@gmail.com a écrit :
Hi all,

I'm trying to send some UDP packets and spoof the source IP.

I'm using syscall.Socket(syscall.AF_INET, syscall.SOCK_RAW,
syscall.IPPROTO_RAW) to initialize my socket and setting syscall.IP_HDRINCL
with SetsockoptInt

If I leave the UDP header empty (first 8 bytes after the IP header), it
works fine. Using TCPDUMP I can see that the packet is going out with the
spoofed IP. But if I set the UDP header's attributes then the IP spoofing
doesn't work and it uses my machine's IP address. I'm not sure what I'm
doing wrong. It looks like the IP header's source is getting reset? Some
help would be appreciated.

Here is the code I'm using:

This are two packets sent and analyzed with sudo tcpdump -X -s0 protochain
17 -n
The first packet I commented lines 30, 31 and 32 (the UDP header is blank)
The second packet I uncommented lines 30, 31 and 32.

06:49:34.641328 IP > truncated-udplength 0
0x0000: 4500 0031 3039 0000 0011 c55a 0102 0304 E..109.....Z....
0x0010: ac10 1513 0000 22b8 0000 0000 5445 5354 ......".....TEST
0x0020: 494e 472d 4f4e 452d 5457 4f2d 5448 5245 ING-ONE-TWO-THRE
0x0030: 45 E

06:48:23.909551 IP > UDP, length 21
0x0000: 4500 0031 3039 0000 0011 088a ac10 14c6 E..109..........
0x0010: ac10 1513 0000 22b8 001d 0000 5445 5354 ......".....TEST
0x0020: 494e 472d 4f4e 452d 5457 4f2d 5448 5245 ING-ONE-TWO-THRE
0x0030: 45 E

I'm using:
go version go1.5.1 linux/amd64
Ubuntu 14.04
Running code under root

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