I just uploaded my http middleware repository (httpware
<https://github.com/nstogner/httpware>) to github. I am looking for early
feedback before trying to progress towards a stable release.

The repository contains various middleware packages with the following
handler function:
ServeHTTPContext(context.Context, http.ResponseWriter, *http.Request) error
This form was mainly influenced by the following:

*net/context for handler data-sharing:*

*returning an error in a handler:*

... My thinking is that error handling via return values allows for
standardizing error response across various middleware. It also prevents
the pitfall of forgetting to return early after a call to http.Error as is
easy to do within a standard http.Handler.

The included middleware implements the httpware.Middleware interface which
allows for a chaining function, httpware.MustCompose (similar to alice
<https://github.com/justinas/alice>), to compose them:
type Middleware interface {
     Contains() []string
     Requires() []string
     Handle(Handler) Handler
I arrived at this interface out of a need to have some middleware depend on
other middleware. I wanted to make sure dependencies were met when the
middleware was composed together (hence the Contains() and Requires()
methods). Contains() returns a slice here to allow for composites of
multiple middleware instances to fulfill the Middleware interface.

Let me know your opinion!

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