I'm wondering if I'm the only one with an issue like that. You see, I can't
program anything if I don't have an example. I just can't. The only way I
ever do anything, is by copying a snippet of code, see if it works, maybe
edit something, copy another snippet, see if everything still works,
comment uncomment things, etc. I rarely ever type something myself, except
if it's a google's search query. And I never memorise function's names,
because I usually only need to find them once, make them compile and work
once, and then I'll just copypaste it around. Even then I'm reading
tutorials, I often just skim over the text and look right at the code.

Maybe this is normal, but this becomes an issue with go. I just can't find
enough examples to copypaste from. The references are completely useless
for me, because they have almost no examples, and they are placed in the
alphabetical order, not in the order users should learn new functionality,
from simple to complex and from common to rare. I just can't use them. And
most libraries only use this format as the only source of documentation,
this just isn't enough for me.

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