Hey Alberto,

The format of the benchmarks (I should have labelled them) is
<test_file>:<compression_level>:<test_filesize>, as you correctly surmised.
I didn't really test too many large files yet and plan to do so for both
the encoder and decoder. Fortunately, other people are doing benchmarks and
tests have reported an out-of-bounds error on the encoder side, which I'll
look into later.

As for the decoder, I just ran a benchmark on a go1.5.2.linux-amd64.tar,
which is 270MiB uncompressed, and 64MiB compressed. Here are the results:

BenchmarkStd-4 1 14094699464 ns/op 20.07 MB/s 15858536 B/op 10118
BenchmarkDS-4 1 8983998803 ns/op 31.48 MB/s 2524556680 B/op 15996

Currently, my implementation allocates a lot of garbage, since I don't
cache the slices. Hence, my implementation performs 150x more allocations.
This is a relatively low-hanging fruit in terms of optimization, and I plan
on addressing it soon.

Also, looking at the implementations under pprof. Here are the top
functions for the standard library implementation:

       flat flat% sum% cum cum%
     4470ms 29.96% 29.96% 5810ms 38.94%
     4430ms 29.69% 59.65% 4430ms 29.69%
     1830ms 12.27% 71.92% 9320ms 62.47%
     1000ms 6.70% 78.62% 1000ms 6.70% compress/bzip2.updateCRC
      810ms 5.43% 84.05% 810ms 5.43% compress/bzip2.inverseBWT

We can see that huffman tree decoding tops this list. The second function
that does most work is readFromBlock, which is probably because the
de-scrambling phase of inverse BWT is performed there along with RLE.

Here's my version under the same load:

     4790ms 50.32% 50.32% 4960ms 52.10%
     1060ms 11.13% 79.20% 1060ms 11.13%
      800ms 8.40% 87.61% 1860ms 19.54%
      460ms 4.83% 92.44% 1380ms 14.50%
      110ms 1.16% 95.48% 760ms 7.98%

Currently, the burrowsWheelerTransform tops the list (which makes sense
given that it is the heart of bzip2).

I realize that these two lists are not exactly comparable since the
implementation is different. Also, the standard library has a single large
function called readBlock, while mine is broken up into more smaller
function and its not easy to determine a one-to-one relationship between
these. An additional difficulty in comparing why these two perform
differently is that my BWT decoding occurs in a single function call, while
the standard library currently spreads the work across multiple stages,
making it difficult to actually track how much CPU time is spent on each


On Saturday, December 12, 2015 at 6:24:01 AM UTC-8, alb.do...@gmail.com
It would be great if we could merge the encoder, since the bzip2 package
currently does not have one!

I have a few questions about the decoder benchmarks, since I benchmarked
the standard library one when I mailed CL 13853, that closed issue #6754
(the one you linked above). What are the sizes of the archives you are

I see numbers at the end of your benchmarks names, but I'm not sure how to
them. I'm asking because if my assumption that the benchmarks are ordered
size, (i.e. the size is the last number in the name) is correct, it
appears that your
approach is much faster (4x) than the current one on very small files, and
1.4x faster on the biggest files you are benchmarking. I think you'll
agree with me
if I say that being faster on a big file (that takes a lot of time to
decode) is better
that being faster on a 0.1 millisecond decode operation : )

So I'm asking how big is the biggest archive you benchmarked, and if you
your decoder on a really big archive (let's say 100MB of english text: you
download for example a 100MB archive of wikipedia articles, that's what I
did when
emailed my CL).

On Saturday, December 12, 2015 at 2:16:49 AM UTC+1, thebroke...@gmail.com
Is the goal to merge this into the standard library?

Yep, the intent was to fulfill #4828
<https://github.com/golang/go/issues/4828>, which asks for a bzip2
encoder. In an indirect way, it was also trying to fulfill #6754
<https://github.com/golang/go/issues/6754>, which is regarding bzip2
performance. The specific API I ended up with is slightly different from
the standard library, but it should be pretty easy to adapt my
implementation to match the existing API. I don't know if we want to merge
both encoder and decoder at the same time, or just do one of them at a time.

To answer some questions I have been getting in private messages:
Q: How is the decoder much faster?
I did make a mistake in reporting that the my implementation was 4x
faster. The standard library benchmark reports the compression rate
relative to the size of the compressed file, rather than the uncompressed
size. Thus, the standard library will appear to perform slower than it
really is. With the corrected benchmarks, my version is anywhere between
1.5x to 3x faster. Here's some data for decoding (ds is my version, std is
standard library, cgo is the C library):
BENCHMARK: bz2:decRate
benchmark std MB/s delta ds MB/s delta cgo MB/s
digits.txt:1:1e4 11.51 1.00x 22.04 1.91x 28.28
digits.txt:1:1e5 13.85 1.00x 20.00 1.44x 27.02
digits.txt:1:1e6 14.36 1.00x 19.91 1.39x 27.26
digits.txt:6:1e4 5.98 1.00x 21.85 3.65x 28.43
digits.txt:6:1e5 11.92 1.00x 20.62 1.73x 26.35
digits.txt:6:1e6 12.86 1.00x 18.00 1.40x 24.24
digits.txt:9:1e4 5.39 1.00x 21.39 3.97x 28.68
digits.txt:9:1e5 11.36 1.00x 20.14 1.77x 27.21
digits.txt:9:1e6 12.50 1.00x 17.90 1.43x 22.84
twain.txt:1:1e4 10.22 1.00x 22.26 2.18x 27.64
twain.txt:1:1e5 15.91 1.00x 24.17 1.52x 30.59
twain.txt:1:1e6 16.45 1.00x 23.65 1.44x 31.39
twain.txt:6:1e4 5.64 1.00x 22.29 3.95x 27.93
twain.txt:6:1e5 13.40 1.00x 23.76 1.77x 30.49
twain.txt:6:1e6 15.99 1.00x 21.76 1.36x 30.39
twain.txt:9:1e4 5.14 1.00x 21.73 4.22x 27.89
twain.txt:9:1e5 12.99 1.00x 23.64 1.82x 30.34
twain.txt:9:1e6 15.61 1.00x 20.10 1.29x 28.21

As for implementation details, my decoder has two major improvements over
the standard library version:

- The huffman decoder isn't represented as a tree, which requires a
loop iteration for every bit. Instead, it uses the LUT method that
the zlib library uses <http://www.gzip.org/algorithm.txt>. For most
prefix codes, it can decode them in a single table lookup. It also uses
careful coding to make sure critical functions are inlined by the compiler.
- In decoding, the ReadByte method becomes a bottleneck because it is
called for every byte. The bit reader I have avoids using ReadByte if the
input Reader is a bufio.Reader (or something that looks like it). Thus, the
decoder can grab more bytes in a batch, rather going at them one at a time.

Q: Why won't the library build?
The library depends on at least Go1.5.

On Thursday, December 10, 2015 at 8:46:30 AM UTC-8, bradfitz wrote:

Is the goal to merge this into the standard library?

On Tue, Dec 8, 2015 at 5:48 PM, wrote:

Just an update, I have completed a working decoder. It decompresses at
~20MB/s, which about 25% faster than the C library (~16MB/s), and 200%
faster than the Go standard library (~5MB/s).




On Monday, December 7, 2015 at 11:55:41 PM UTC-8, thebroke...@gmail.com
Hey all,

github: https://github.com/dsnet/compress
godoc: https://godoc.org/github.com/dsnet/compress/bzip2

I finished writing a bzip2 encoder. I haven't heavily tested it, and
there's still alot to do in the area of optimizations. However, it still
performs relatively well relative to the C implementation and is actually
faster in encoding than the standard Go library is at in decoding. The
speed is about half that of the C version, but I think I can close them gap
to be about 1.5x or even 1x. The compression ratio is about 10% worse since
I haven't implemented a K-means based huffman encoder yet. I have plans to
add a decoder eventually that will outperform the standard library version.

BENCHMARK: bz2:encRate
benchmark ds MB/s delta cgo MB/s delta
digits.txt:1:1e4 5.44 1.00x 7.55 1.39x
digits.txt:1:1e5 5.57 1.00x 12.51 2.25x
digits.txt:1:1e6 5.76 1.00x 12.88 2.24x
digits.txt:6:1e4 4.86 1.00x 7.47 1.54x
digits.txt:6:1e5 5.54 1.00x 12.46 2.25x
digits.txt:6:1e6 5.39 1.00x 12.46 2.31x
digits.txt:9:1e4 4.66 1.00x 7.54 1.62x
digits.txt:9:1e5 5.48 1.00x 12.60 2.30x
digits.txt:9:1e6 5.02 1.00x 12.11 2.41x
twain.txt:1:1e4 5.26 1.00x 7.89 1.50x
twain.txt:1:1e5 6.02 1.00x 12.89 2.14x
twain.txt:1:1e6 6.19 1.00x 12.83 2.07x
twain.txt:6:1e4 4.75 1.00x 8.07 1.70x
twain.txt:6:1e5 6.02 1.00x 12.93 2.15x
twain.txt:6:1e6 6.09 1.00x 12.51 2.06x
twain.txt:9:1e4 4.54 1.00x 7.93 1.75x
twain.txt:9:1e5 6.00 1.00x 12.50 2.08x
twain.txt:9:1e6 5.73 1.00x 12.13 2.12x
BENCHMARK: bz2:ratio
benchmark ds ratio delta cgo ratio delta
digits.txt:1:1e4 2.20x 1.00x 2.28x 1.04x
digits.txt:1:1e5 2.23x 1.00x 2.32x 1.04x
digits.txt:1:1e6 2.22x 1.00x 2.31x 1.04x
digits.txt:6:1e4 2.20x 1.00x 2.28x 1.04x
digits.txt:6:1e5 2.23x 1.00x 2.32x 1.04x
digits.txt:6:1e6 2.12x 1.00x 2.23x 1.05x
digits.txt:9:1e4 2.20x 1.00x 2.28x 1.04x
digits.txt:9:1e5 2.23x 1.00x 2.32x 1.04x
digits.txt:9:1e6 2.05x 1.00x 2.16x 1.05x
twain.txt:1:1e4 2.07x 1.00x 2.25x 1.09x
twain.txt:1:1e5 2.68x 1.00x 2.90x 1.08x
twain.txt:1:1e6 2.68x 1.00x 2.89x 1.08x
twain.txt:6:1e4 2.07x 1.00x 2.25x 1.09x
twain.txt:6:1e5 2.68x 1.00x 2.90x 1.08x
twain.txt:6:1e6 2.87x 1.00x 3.12x 1.09x
twain.txt:9:1e4 2.07x 1.00x 2.25x 1.09x
twain.txt:9:1e5 2.68x 1.00x 2.90x 1.08x
twain.txt:9:1e6 2.87x 1.00x 3.12x 1.09x

This package is still in development, but I would appreciate if people
can try using it and tell me about any bugs. I'll make a bigger
announcement about it when I feel that the package is stable enough. I
eventually plan on merging it into the standard library, but that
definitely won't happen until go1.7 or later.

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