Just kidding, it's 400% faster than the standard library ;)


On Tuesday, December 8, 2015 at 5:48:53 PM UTC-8, thebroke...@gmail.com
Just an update, I have completed a working decoder. It decompresses at
~20MB/s, which about 25% faster than the C library (~16MB/s), and 200%
faster than the Go standard library (~5MB/s).




On Monday, December 7, 2015 at 11:55:41 PM UTC-8, thebroke...@gmail.com
Hey all,

github: https://github.com/dsnet/compress
godoc: https://godoc.org/github.com/dsnet/compress/bzip2

I finished writing a bzip2 encoder. I haven't heavily tested it, and
there's still alot to do in the area of optimizations. However, it still
performs relatively well relative to the C implementation and is actually
faster in encoding than the standard Go library is at in decoding. The
speed is about half that of the C version, but I think I can close them gap
to be about 1.5x or even 1x. The compression ratio is about 10% worse since
I haven't implemented a K-means based huffman encoder yet. I have plans to
add a decoder eventually that will outperform the standard library version.

BENCHMARK: bz2:encRate
benchmark ds MB/s delta cgo MB/s delta
digits.txt:1:1e4 5.44 1.00x 7.55 1.39x
digits.txt:1:1e5 5.57 1.00x 12.51 2.25x
digits.txt:1:1e6 5.76 1.00x 12.88 2.24x
digits.txt:6:1e4 4.86 1.00x 7.47 1.54x
digits.txt:6:1e5 5.54 1.00x 12.46 2.25x
digits.txt:6:1e6 5.39 1.00x 12.46 2.31x
digits.txt:9:1e4 4.66 1.00x 7.54 1.62x
digits.txt:9:1e5 5.48 1.00x 12.60 2.30x
digits.txt:9:1e6 5.02 1.00x 12.11 2.41x
twain.txt:1:1e4 5.26 1.00x 7.89 1.50x
twain.txt:1:1e5 6.02 1.00x 12.89 2.14x
twain.txt:1:1e6 6.19 1.00x 12.83 2.07x
twain.txt:6:1e4 4.75 1.00x 8.07 1.70x
twain.txt:6:1e5 6.02 1.00x 12.93 2.15x
twain.txt:6:1e6 6.09 1.00x 12.51 2.06x
twain.txt:9:1e4 4.54 1.00x 7.93 1.75x
twain.txt:9:1e5 6.00 1.00x 12.50 2.08x
twain.txt:9:1e6 5.73 1.00x 12.13 2.12x
BENCHMARK: bz2:ratio
benchmark ds ratio delta cgo ratio delta
digits.txt:1:1e4 2.20x 1.00x 2.28x 1.04x
digits.txt:1:1e5 2.23x 1.00x 2.32x 1.04x
digits.txt:1:1e6 2.22x 1.00x 2.31x 1.04x
digits.txt:6:1e4 2.20x 1.00x 2.28x 1.04x
digits.txt:6:1e5 2.23x 1.00x 2.32x 1.04x
digits.txt:6:1e6 2.12x 1.00x 2.23x 1.05x
digits.txt:9:1e4 2.20x 1.00x 2.28x 1.04x
digits.txt:9:1e5 2.23x 1.00x 2.32x 1.04x
digits.txt:9:1e6 2.05x 1.00x 2.16x 1.05x
twain.txt:1:1e4 2.07x 1.00x 2.25x 1.09x
twain.txt:1:1e5 2.68x 1.00x 2.90x 1.08x
twain.txt:1:1e6 2.68x 1.00x 2.89x 1.08x
twain.txt:6:1e4 2.07x 1.00x 2.25x 1.09x
twain.txt:6:1e5 2.68x 1.00x 2.90x 1.08x
twain.txt:6:1e6 2.87x 1.00x 3.12x 1.09x
twain.txt:9:1e4 2.07x 1.00x 2.25x 1.09x
twain.txt:9:1e5 2.68x 1.00x 2.90x 1.08x
twain.txt:9:1e6 2.87x 1.00x 3.12x 1.09x

This package is still in development, but I would appreciate if people
can try using it and tell me about any bugs. I'll make a bigger
announcement about it when I feel that the package is stable enough. I
eventually plan on merging it into the standard library, but that
definitely won't happen until go1.7 or later.

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