Hello everyone!
Having some troubles decoding data with invalid bytes. From encoding.go:
type Encoding interface {
         // NewDecoder returns a transformer that converts to UTF-8.
         // Transforming source bytes that are not of that encoding will not
         // result in an error per se. Each byte that cannot be transcoded
         // be represented in the output by the UTF-8 encoding of '\uFFFD',
         // replacement rune.
         NewDecoder() transform.Transformer

So I expect that decoder will not stop on first error and just replaces
invalid bytes with U+FFFD.
Can I do something to force this behavior?
My code is very simple:
t := japanese.ShiftJIS
reader := transform.NewReader(file, t.NewDecoder())
data, err := ioutil.ReadAll(reader)
if err != nil {

Resulting in:
*japanese: invalid Shift JIS encoding*

I tried some workaround, but I think it's ugly and potentially bugged as
far as I can see:
func ForceDecode(src []byte, t transform.Transformer) (result []byte,
skipped int) {
         src0, src1 := 0, len(src)
         for src0 != src1 {
                 buf, n, err := transform.Bytes(t, src[src0:src1])
                 src0 += n
                 result = append(result, buf...)
                 if err != nil {

Any advice would be appreciated.

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